Jolly Moto Large selection of pattern MB5 parts.  This is a Dutch based site although they do have a English version of their web site and still stock a vast number of parts. 

David Silver Spares David Silver stocks mainly genuine Honda spares which are now getting a little rare for the MB5.

Wemoto Worlds End Motorcycles (Wemoto) still have a large selection of patten parts for the MB5

CMSNL Another Dutch site with a large amount of MB5 parts, worth a look

Sunrise Graphics Sunrise graphics sell the re-production MB5 tank decals. We supplied original tank decals in all colours for Sunrise to scan, this will ensure these decals would be available in the future for anybody restoring a MB5

General Info Sites & Forums:

Sixteener Special Great UK based forum with loads of content for 70's & 80's Sports Mopeds of all makes & models with a section for the MB & MT models. Web site dedicated to the little Yamaha TY50, also lots of "girls on bikes" picture gallerys

US Honda MB5 An American MB5 web site

Jolly Moto Forum  A forum from Holland with some MB5 content.

VJMC The Vintage Japanese Bike Club