Project Honda MT5

This is my Honda MT5 which was purchased in 2008, which I hope to be restoring in the style of a super moto

It is currently fitted with an H100 engine which I intend to keep.

First job was to get rid of a few years dirt & grime


A pressure washer comes in handy for this job

Although the bike has been stood for a number of years it did start with a bit of fresh petrol (nicked out of the tank of my mums Rover!) and overall it runs fine with no noticeable movement in the crankshaft bearings, so the bottom end will be left intact.

The airbox has suffered from a bit of "performance?" tuning

And as such, it is only fit for the bin!

Original H100 exhaust will not be re-used, as this will be re-placed with a expansion chamber type off a MB8

The top mounting for the cylinder head has been modified by drilling through the main frame spine. I intend to re-instate the original mounting lugs, which will be fabricated and welded back onto the frame in the original position.

Items like the wiring loom will need careful examination to check for any breaks or bad connections.

When stripped down, the MT5 frame is small and compact.

A good tip when restoring a bike is to have a clean and tidy work space at all times!!!!!

The real restoration starts here!